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Attract investment

Investment Promotion Agency 


Brand support

Provide mature market operation, brand propaganda, management ideas, business philosophy, store design, operation process, share brand resources and master successful experience for agents;

Customize a set of effective marketing plan for each agent, from the training of market research staff, to business guidance, market development, marketing propaganda, etc., to help the whole process of nanny.

Training support

Train each agent in management, technical services and related professional knowledge, and build a professional team for each "Weishun Machine Tool" agent;

Technical support

Continuously develop new products, technically free training for agents sales, installation, maintenance and other professionals, senior technical guidance throughout the process;

After-sales support

If customer's machine need to be repaired, manufacturers can directly provide standby machine to ensure the normal use of customers to improve the reputation of distributors;

Propaganda support: Unify the propaganda brand in all major news media, cultivate the market, and educate customers about products.


Advantages of Investment Promotion Agency

1. The quality is good enough: it can run steadily and continuously, and the service life of the machine tool can reach more than 20 years.

2. Sufficient profits: plentiful and super-value profit margin to help you succeed in your business;

3. Sufficient "excellent" service: 24-hour customer service hotline waiting for your call. Urgent and urgent, think what you think;

4. Support is big enough: the huge amount of media and three-dimensional network media advertising investment every year is not ambiguous.


Conditions for Business Invitation Agency

1. Strong career ambition, higher and stricter requirements for development, keen on China's machinery industry;

2. We can totally agree with Weishun's operation form and ideas.

3. It can implement all the standards and specifications of Weishun Machine Tool.

4. Franchisors must have stores or operating sites in the regional market.

5. Certain ability of capital investment and risk bearing;

6. Investors and home furnishing companies with a certain scale of operation may request to join the franchise.

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