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How to test run the NC machine tool?

1. After the geometric accuracy of CNC machine tools is qualified, the whole machine needs to be cleaned up. Cotton or silk cloth impregnated with detergent shall not be used with cotton yarn or gauze. Clean out the rust-proof oil or paint applied to protect the guide rail surface and processing surface when the machine is out of the factory. Clean the dust on the outside surface of the machine tool, and coat the sliding surface and working surface with machine tool regulations to make the lubricating oil.

2. Check carefully whether the parts of CNC machine tool are oiled according to the requirements and whether enough coolant is added in the cooling box. Whether the oil of the machine tool hydraulic station and the automatic lubrication device reaches the position specified by the oil level indicator.

3. Check whether the switches and components in the electrical control box are normal and whether the integrated circuit boards are in place. Electricity start centralized lubrication installation, so that the lubrication parts and lubrication oil circuit are full of lubricants.

4. After the inspection is ready, the trial run will begin.

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