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How to maintain CNC machine tools?

In order to maintain the normal operation and service life of CNC lathe, effectively prevent and reduce the occurrence of various kinds of lathe faults, it is essential to do a good job of lubrication and maintenance of CNC lathe.

Primary Maintenance of CNC Lathe

When the CNC lathe runs for 500 hours, it needs to be maintained at the first level, that is, cleaning, lubrication and necessary adjustments.

(1) Clean the exterior and cover of NC machine tool, keep inside and outside clean, no rust, no yellow robe. Clean the screw, bars and manipulator rods, and clean the oil holes and felt pads. That is external maintenance.

(2) Check and repair screw, handball, handle, oil cup, wrench, self-centering chuck, etc.

(3) Check the spindle and cap, screw loosening in all parts, adjust the positioning screw and adjust the direct clearance of clutch and the clearance of large, medium and small sliding plates. Adjust the clearance of the transverse lead screw, the idling of the dial is allowed to be 1/20.

(4) The gearbox cleans the gears and sleeves and injects new grease. Adjust the meshing clearance of gears and check whether the sleeve is swaying or not.

(5) Clean the tailstock and cone hole burrs to keep the inside and outside clean

(6) Cooling and lubricating system.

(7) The electrical part should check the contact points of the electrical appliances, and the wiring should be firm.

The maintenance of CNC lathe is summarized in long-term practice. It has good economic and social benefits and is feasible. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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