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How to install CNC machine tools?

CNC lathe is an automatic machine tool with high precision and efficiency. It can process linear cylinder, oblique cylinder, arc, various threads, slots, worms and other complex workpieces. Next, we will talk about the installation of CNC machine tools.

Installation steps of NC machine tools:

(1) Lifting and transportation

The hoisting and positioning of CNC machine tools should use the special hoisting tools provided by the manufacturer, and other methods should not be allowed. No special lifting tool is needed. The steel wire rope should be lifted and positioned in accordance with the position specified in the instruction.

(2) Foundation and location

CNC machine tools and lathes should be installed on a solid foundation, away from the source of vibration, avoid sunlight and thermal radiation, and placed in a dry place to avoid the influence of humidity and air flow. If there is a vibration source near the machine tool, anti-vibration ditches must be set around the foundation.

(3) Installation of NC machine tools. The NC machine tool should be leveled in free state, and then the anchor bolt should be locked evenly. For ordinary machine tools, the reading of the level gauge is not more than 0.04/1000mm, and for high precision machine tools, the level gauge is more than 0.02/1000mm. When measuring the installation accuracy, it should be carried out at a constant temperature, and the measuring tool should be used after a fixed temperature period. When installing machine tools, we should try our best to avoid the installation method that causes forced deformation of machine tools. Some parts of machine tool should not be disassembled casually when machine tool is installed. The disassembly of parts may lead to the important new distribution of internal stress of machine tool, thus affecting the accuracy of machine tool.

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