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How to choose the most suitable CNC lathe?

CNC engraving and milling machine has been used in foreign countries for a long time. Strictly speaking, engraving is one of milling machine. It is a difficult problem for me to buy engraving machine or CNC milling machine center. In addition, there are currently popular high-speed cutting machine tools (HSC MACHINE).

The skills for CNC lathe equipment selection.

The differences among the three models are as follows:

1. NC Milling and Machining Center Processing Equipment for Finishing Workpieces with Larger Milling Quantity

2. NC engraving and milling machine is used to finish small amount of milling, or soft metal processing equipment.

3. High-speed cutting machine tool is used to finish medium milling quantity and reduce the grinding quantity after milling to the lowest processing equipment.

In-depth analysis of the layout of the above equipment can help us make the right choice.

1. CNC milling center:

Non-removable some steel requirements are very good, some steel requirements are very good.

Strength: Can carry out heavy cutting; Defect: Because moving some of the same huge, dedicated to machine tool sensitivity, some of the fine and rapid feed force is not satisfactory.

2. NC engraving and milling machine

Non-moving some steel needs good moving some steel needs to be sensitive as the premise, as light as possible, together adhere to the certain steel.

Advantages: It can be processed comparatively fine with high precision. As for soft metals, they can be machined at high speed; Defects: Heavy cutting is impossible because of poor steeliness

3. High Speed Cutting Machine Tool

Some of the non-removable steel requirements are very good, some of the steel requirements are comparable, and as light as possible. Advantages: can carry out small and medium-sized cutting (for example, flat knife of 10, for 45 steel (300) depth of 0.75 is better); Defects: correct use can carry forward high efficiency, low cost, so that the amount of polishing becomes very small. If used incorrectly, the waste of cutting tools will be piled up immediately.

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