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How to choose a desktop lathe?

Desktop machine tools can complete the processing of turning, drilling, boring, turning and British threads. They are suitable for the processing of metal and non-metallic parts. They are ideal equipment for single-piece processing or batch production in instrumentation, light industrial machinery, motorcycles, automotive parts and other industries, schools, automotive maintenance, home maintenance, scientific research units, etc. When we need to buy Desktop lathes, such as how to choose?


Clear using: Do you need lathe, drill, boring or thread processing, of course, many desktop lathes are integrated functions, such as our desktop lathe, can meet your different production needs.

Define the processing technology: The typical processing technology requirements are mainly the structural size, processing range and accuracy requirements of parts. The control accuracy of lathe is selected according to the requirement of precision, that is, the dimension accuracy, positioning accuracy and surface roughness of workpiece.

Factory choosing

The scale, size and technical strength of production enterprises are related to whether the performance of desktop lathe can work normally. The unreasonable choice of manufacturer will lead to many congenital defects and unreasonable places in the equipment. It is impossible to understand when reading the instructions and samples of the equipment. Salesmen and manufacturers always choose the advantages of the equipment to introduce to customers. The key point is to pay attention to the fact that Taiwan's CNC enterprises have been established very quickly, and at the same time they have closed down very quickly. Sometimes even when factories have closed down, there are still salesmen selling their equipment. If we do not pay attention to these problems, there will be machine tools in the acceptance and warranty period. After the failure of the manufacturer and the normal operation of the equipment, the failure can not be repaired, and the manufacturer can not fulfill the one-year warranty. At the same time, such a factory must have incomplete original data and maintenance data of various equipment, and it will be very difficult for users to maintain themselves. Therefore, the choice of production enterprises to choose as far as possible the more well-known manufacturers, it is best to go on site inspection.

Selection and purchase of lathe accessories and cutting tools: random accessories, spare parts and their supply capacity, cutting tools, are very important for the lathe that has been put into production. Choosing machine tools requires careful consideration of the compatibility of cutting tools.

Attention to the identity of the control system: manufacturers should generally choose the same manufacturer's products, at least should choose the same manufacturer's control system, which will bring great convenience to maintenance work.

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