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What are the characteristics of CNC lathes?

The productivity of CNC lathe equipment is many times higher than that of common equipment. Especially for the processing of some complex parts, productivity can be increased by more than ten times or even tens of times. The reasons for the high productivity of CNC lathes are as follows:

(1) Large cutting parameters can be used on CNC equipment (such as CNC lathe), which effectively reduces the cutting time in processing.

(2) It has the functions of automatic speed change, automatic tool change and other auxiliary operation automation, and does not need the inspection and measurement between processes, thus greatly shortening the auxiliary time:

(3) CNC lathe process centralized, multi-purpose CNC machining center can almost complete the whole process of parts after one clamping, not only can reduce the clamping error, but also can reduce the turnaround time of semi-finished products (including transportation, measurement, etc.) and the productivity increase is more obvious.

2. Reduce the working conditions and improve the working conditions

The work of NC equipment is completed automatically and continuously according to the pre-programmed processing program. In addition to inputting processing program, operating keyboard, loading and unloading workpieces, carrying out intermediate measurement of key processes and watching the operation of equipment, the operator does not need heavy repetitive manual operation, and the labor conditions and intensity are greatly improved.

3. Favorable for production management of NC lathe

The use of NC equipment can accurately calculate the man-hour of product production, and effectively simplify the management of inspection, fixture and semi-finished products. The standard code input of NC information is used in NC machine tool NC equipment, which is helpful to connect with computer and form a small batch production system controlled and managed by computer to realize the automation of manufacturing and production management.

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