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Future research and development direction of CNC lathes

With the promotion of industry 4.0 and China Made 2025, China's manufacturing industry is brewing and undergoing tremendous changes. The development of robotics and 3D printing has a profound impact on the industry of CNC machine tools. What changes will happen to the future research and development and production direction of CNC machine tools industry under this wave?

1. The application of compound processing technology is more extensive. New types of compound processing machine tools such as Turning-Milling and milling machine tools, turning-grinding machine tools, gear-adding machine tools, Turning-Milling machine tools and 5-axis linkage machine tools are constantly emerging. The trend of compound processing is obvious with the increase of multi-functional accessories and turntables in heavy machine tools. New progress has been made in metal cutting and special processing, such as laser, electrical processing and so on. Cutting compound technology has already been widely used. The popularization and application of compound processing technology will have an important impact on the production process of multi-varieties and small batches.

2. The application speed of direct drive technology is accelerating. Because of the progress of power electronics and numerical control technology, and the maturity of linear motor, moment motor, motorized spindle, grating detection and other components, the application speed of direct drive technology in CNC machine tools is accelerating. Many new products of foreign machine tool enterprises have been driven by linear motors. The application of direct drive technology will greatly promote the structural change and performance improvement of NC machine tools.

3. Inter-Micro is a new high-efficiency, green and high-precision micro-manufacturing technology, which is used to process various micro-parts with 3D shape. At present, with the support of the European Union, the research group composed of universities, research institutes and enterprises in Germany and Italy has achieved relevant results, such as ultra-precision 5-axis linkage micro-diamond and cubic boron nitride tool processing technology and equipment. Micro-manufacturing technology has great application potential, which should be paid attention to by the industry.

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