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Talking about Metal Cutting Machine Tool and Its Development Advantage

Metal cutting machine tool is a kind of machine which uses cutting method to process machine parts with metal blanks. In modern mechanical manufacturing industry, cutting is the main method to process metal blanks into parts of certain size, shape and precision by cutting redundant materials. Since the beginning of this century, due to the emergence of new cutting tool materials such as high-speed steel and cemented carbide, the performance of cutting tools has been continuously improved, which promotes the development of machine tools along the direction of increasing spindle speed, driving power and structural stiffness. At the same time, due to the great development of motor, gear, bearing, electrical and hydraulic technology, the transmission, structure and control of machine tools have been improved accordingly, the processing accuracy and productivity have been significantly improved, and metal cutting machine tools have been developed rapidly.

In order to meet the increasingly wide use requirements of machinery manufacturing industry, the variety of machine tools is also growing. For example, various high-efficiency automated machine tools, copying machine tools, heavy machine tools, precision machine tools, turning and milling machine tools, inclined bed CNC lathes, machining centers and special CNC machine tools for processing special materials have come out one after another. With this highly automated and efficient equipment, despite the need for large initial investment and longer production preparation time, the economic benefits are still very significant under large-scale production conditions due to the small cost allocated to each workpiece.

The market potential of metal cutting machine tools in manufacturing industry is enormous

Since 2017, words such as "Made in China 2025", "Intelligent Manufacturing", "Industrial 4.0" have appeared frequently in people's eyes, and these words are sending us a signal: China should vigorously develop manufacturing industry. Machine tools as industrial mothers, and many industries are inextricably linked. With the development of manufacturing industry, there are many upstream and downstream development opportunities for machine tools, which also brings a huge potential market to the machine tool industry, especially metal cutting machine tools.

According to the data of 2017, the output of metal cutting machine tools increased by 7.7% compared with 2016 (October 2017). Machine tool industry is in a period of warming up. From this point of view, the growth momentum of metal cutting machine tools is likely to be maintained in the future. And from the downstream of metal cutting machine tools, China's automobile, electronics, shipping and other industries are in the ascendant stage, the demand for metal cutting machine tools still has great room for growth. Therefore, comprehensive analysis, the future market development of metal cutting machine tools is huge.

Policy Support for Good Development Environment of Metal Cutting Machine Tools

In 2017, a number of policies designated the development of the machine tool industry. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued "Key Points for the Work of the National New Industrialization Industry Demonstration Base 2017" in early 2017, clearly pointed out that relying on the National Demonstration Base, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology should play an important role in the "Four Bases" field in ten areas, including high-grade CNC machine tools. "Some Opinions on Accelerating the Revitalization of Equipment Manufacturing Industry" also puts forward 16 major areas of technology and equipment that China should focus on in the future. In these policies, it is very advantageous for the development of machine tools whether it is clearly pointed out to develop the machine tool industry or to develop downstream industries such as industrial robots, ships, rail transit and so on. The policy support has created a good environment for the development of machine tool industry. The advantages of machine tool industry are undoubtedly the development advantages of metal cutting machine tools.

Wide application scope and obvious competitive advantage

The external favorable factors for the development of metal cutting machine tools are analyzed in the front, and now we can see from the analysis of metal cutting machine tools themselves. According to the data compiled by Prospective Industry Research Institute, metal cutting machine tools account for more than 50% of the global machine tool product distribution, which shows its wide application. In fact, the application of metal cutting machine tools is indeed very wide, as small as 3C digital, as large as aerospace, can see its figure. Wide range of applications has brought great market tolerance to metal cutting machine tools. It is difficult for a single industry market fluctuation to have a greater impact on it. This characteristic gives metal cutting machine tool a strong market competitiveness, so that it can adjust its product specificity according to downstream development, so as to maintain its own development advantages.

The downstream market demand is large, the policy environment is good, and the application scope is very wide. These advantages make the development space of metal cutting machine tools very large. If China's metal cutting machine tools can improve the technical level and better adapt to market demand, I believe that the future development will be better and better.

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