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How to deal with the power failure of CNC lathe system?

No matter what kind of machinery, there will always be some problems of failure. Therefore, the maintenance of machinery becomes very important. CNC maintenance lathe technology is not only the premise to ensure normal operation, but also plays a huge role in promoting the development and improvement of CNC technology. Therefore, it has become a special subject. Now let's talk about how to deal with CNC lathe after power failure.

When the CNC lathe has just been put into use, it must return to the reference point when the system is restarted after power failure. That is, when the axes are moved out of the non-interference zone manually, the axes are returned to the reference point. Otherwise, crashes may occur. Therefore, after processing every day, it is better to move the axis of the machine tool to a safe position. At this point, the operation or power failure again will not need to return.

Faults caused by external hardware operation are common faults in NC repair. Generally, it is caused by the problems of testing switches, hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, electrical actuators and mechanical devices. Some of these failures can be found by alarm information. For general CNC system, it has fault diagnosis function or information alarm. CNC lathe maintenance personnel can use these information means to narrow the scope of diagnosis. Although some faults have alarm information, it can not reflect the real cause of the fault. At this time, it is necessary to analyze and solve the problem according to the alarm information and fault phenomena.

For the repair of CNC lathe, it is important to find problems. Especially the external faults of CNC machine tools. Sometimes the diagnosis process is more complicated, but once the problem is found, the solution is relatively simple. The following two principles should be followed for external fault diagnosis. First of all, we should master the working principle and action sequence of machine tools. Secondly, we should use PLC ladder diagram. The state display function of NC system or the external programmer monitor the running state of PLC. In the development of machine tool technology, CNC machine tool maintenance technology is also following up. If AI develops well in the future, it is hoped that maintenance will be more convenient and simple.

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