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Customer case: **** Group case
Case Introduction: Customized CNC Lathe

Case details: ****** Recently found in the production process that the previous CNC lathe had too much internal friction, time-consuming and labor-consuming, but the efficiency was not high. We found Weishun through friends' recommendation. After further understanding, we communicated the overall customer needs. After understanding the customer's needs, we conducted a detailed investigation, and designed reasonably according to the situation, so as to solve the customer's problems and achieve. Long-term win-win cooperation.

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Manufacturer Direct Selling, Low Cost, First-hand Source


Serve thousands of enterprises all over the world, the products are exported to Europe and America and other accident.

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Independently Develop Small Machine Tool Machinery and CNC System of Small Machine Tool.

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One year warranty, free technical support

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Dutch HBM Company came to our factory to discuss in-depth cooperation

On April 30, 2015, Dutch HBM Company came to our factory to discuss in-depth cooperation. We made a detailed visit to our factory. A high appraisal of our production process is put forward.

Common problem
  • How to maintain CNC

    In order to maintain the normal operation and service life of CNC lathe, effectively prevent and reduce the occurrence of various kinds of lathe fault

  • What are the classif

    CNC lathe has high processing accuracy, stable processing quality, and can process complex parts. It is widely used in hardware, machinery, automobile

  • How to test run the

    1. After the geometric accuracy of CNC machine tools is qualified, the whole machine needs to be cleaned up. Cotton or silk cloth impregnated with det

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Credit for development, service for truth

 From 2008 till now, Weishun of Chizhou has gone through ten years. Ten years have gone through both storms and hardships. The harvest of the past ten years is the efforts of every Weishun.
Promoted by Made in China 2025, the machinery industry is developing vigorously, which embodies the passion, diligent sweat and innovative wisdom of Weishun people. The company adheres to the enterprise concept of "quality first, honest management, win-win cooperation", based on the present and looking forward to the future.
We have been adhering to the spirit of "ingenuity" casting industry, making products with heart and striving for excellence. The innovative spirit of the skilled talents of Weishun Chizhou opens the company's new journey. In the light of the sun, we have been on the way forward. Independent innovation, the introduction of innovative models, rational use of social resources, market-oriented, to meet customer needs. In line with the purpose of honesty, trustworthiness, reciprocity and win-win, we are making unremitting efforts for the company's sustainable development.
We are always grateful, because of the support and care of friends all over the world, we have today's achievements and self-confidence, and the way forward will be more solid and powerful. I sincerely thank friends all over the world, and sincerely look forward to more people to give Chizhou Huisheng the same care and support as before.
Huisheng Chizhou is not only your reliable partner, but also a trustworthy friend.

Holland HUVEMA Company Alex and Mrs. Mary came to our factory to discuss the cooperation of CNC210 NC machine tools

On January 16, 2010, the Organizational Department of the Chizhou Municipal Committee inspected and directed our Party building work.

Chizhou Zhengxie Leader Comes to Our Factory for Inspection

Tomark CEO Greg and his team visited our company to discuss cooperation with us.

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